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A zingy, springy bouquet of specialty tulips (double-flowered, parrot, and fringed varieties).




Peony-flowered and parrot tulips!

Tulip Time

PriceFrom $25.00
  • When you think of tulips, you probably imagine those small, jelly bean-hued things you can find at every grocery store in April. Fluffy Dog's specialty tulips are a whooooole different animal. Our double-flowered tulips have giant heads and literally dozens of petals (they do a great peony impression!); the parrot types come in spectacular, fiery colors and have a ruffled petal unlike anything else you've ever seen; the fringed tulips are, well, fringed! Your gorgeous bouquet of Acton-grown specialty tulips will be delivered right to your doorstep (within a 5-mile radius of Acton Town Hall).

  • Front porch delivery is available within a 5-mile radius of Acton Town Hall for $6. You do not need to be home to receive your bouquet (unless you live in an apartment or condo, in which case we'll meet you at an outside door) - flowers will come in a fully-compostable wet wrap, which will keep them nice and happy until you can get them in water. Just provide a sheltered spot on your porch, and we'll drop off a gorgeous, hand-crafted bouquet of locally- and sustainably-grown flowers!

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